The popularity of tiktok has increased in the whole world due to the factors that makes it engaging and fun-time spending platform. Therefore, many tiktok creators who are famous on other social media platforms have turned to Tiktok to attain more followership and get reasons to make good amount of money.

If you are planning to start a TikTok account but has no clue what type of videos you should make that can bring more engagement and followership on account, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will talk about the video ideas that you can create and upload on your account to get instant followers and more engagement on your profile videos.



If you are an expert in beauty and Fashion related things, then you can teach the people about your skills by recommending them the new ideas that they can implement in their life and get benefits.

In fact, the females are more interested about such type of content and there are already various profiles who are making video content of Fashion and beauty with huge number of followers. So, it can become a good video idea for you to kick start your online career with TikTok.



Knitting is a time-consuming activity that allows females to create jerseys, Caps, Gloves, and many other things. The targeted viewership for such type of content is the females. If you have idea of knitting and are doing it for a long time, there are a lot of the peoples online who wants to learn about knitting but they have less platforms to learn it.

So, it can be a good opportunity to create videos on Knitting and share the tips that people would never have thought or heard anywhere else. It will definitely help out in boosting your profile engagement.



TikTok challenges videos are loved and see by the viewers a lot. You can also analyze it on the For You page of Tiktok where you will mostly find the Challenges related videos.

So, if you are strong enough to accept the challenges and have resources to perform it, you can easily start your Tiktok career with more engagement on the profile videos through creating the Challenges videos.

Later on, you can change the content ideas depending upon your needs but you can also stay with the challenge’s videos. More important, the Challenges videos account holders gets more sponsors from the brands and other peoples because of their influence in the platform. So, it can also become an amazing option to earn good amount of money.



Technology reviews videos are very famous on YouTube and Facebook. Majority of the Geeks tends to visit these social media platforms to see the videos and get the knowledge about the new introduced technologies.

However, the popularity of Technology review videos has also become famous on TikTok. Since it’s a short-format video creation platform, many people would love to see videos on it where they can easily get the knowledge of the technology in shorter time. If you have firm knowledge related to the technology products, you can make videos related to it and attain tremendous engagement on your TikTok videos that can lead you towards a great career on Tiktok.

Meanwhile, People who make Technology reviews related videos gets new products from the companies on which they have to create the videos. So, it’s a sustainable and lucrative content creation category that can not only make you famous but you can become rich compared to following other video creation ideas.



On YouTube, you can get hundreds of thousands of videos that are on Travelling to different countries and sharing the experiences to people. Luckily, the views and exposure of these videos are nominal compared to the other categories of videos.

Due to that, majority of the people who belongs from the YouTube Travel vlogging content creation industry has turned to TikTok where they can upload the short format videos to guide the viewers about the places. So, it clearly tells that users on Tiktok platform are also interested in watching the Travel related videos.

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If you have huge investments and can travel to different places; alongside, you have good knowledge about travelling to different locations, then you can make short-format videos and upload it on Tiktok so people can learn about different locations like the accommodation tips, food tips, Visa tips, and many more.

Moreover, the other beneficial aspect of creating travelling related videos and upload it on TikTok is that you can then upload it on YouTube as well. So, you can easily capture more traffic on the platform and more earning opportunities. Also, countries also sponsor the travel related content creators to visit their countries, explore, and let others know about the kind of experiences they would have. It can also help you to visit different countries without paying anything.



 Lip-sync videos are famous on TikTok and a lot of the famous content creators on this platform creates lip-sync videos and attains tremendous amount of views on it. So, it can become a great option for you as well to create tiktok videos that are based on lip-synching.

Normally, such type of videos comes in the acting category. In fact, many of the Content creators who creates lip-synch videos gets many opportunities in the acting fields as well.

If you are good at acting and can make outstanding expressions on lip-sync videos, then you should kick start your career in the similar category of videos. It will not only improve engagement on your tiktok profile, but you can become more confident, which will help you in the acting related projects, if you supposed to get famous and called by the filming agencies for projects. Moreover, if you have already thought about starting an acting career, then you should definitely create Lip-sync related videos on TikTok.



You can create Videos that are based on Top 10 category where you can tell about a lot of the things. In this category of video content creation, you have no limits as there are a lot of the things that you can compare and then create videos on it. In fact, majority of the people love to watch such type of videos on TikTok and you can get different type of viewers on your tiktok account.